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Life scientists and physicists dominated DHL relay event

Food scientists from the Faculty of Life Sciences sprinted to University of Copenhagen fun-run glory

Maybe it was something they ate.

The team from the Institute of Food and Resource Economics (Fødevareøkonomisk Institut – FOI) was the top University of Copenhagen (U of C) team, coming in seventh in the overall placings out of 3969 participating teams on Monday.

The DHL-relay is claimed to be the world’s largest fun-run with 125,000 participants over the course of five days. The U of C had 319 five-person teams taking part Monday.

The five runners from the FOI University of Copenhagen averaged an incredible sub-19 minutes for the five kilometre relay race, which is run on a jam-packed twisty course with little opportunity to pass other runners.

Physicists escaped into other dimension

While the University of Copenhagen food scientists could claim superior knowledge of sports nutrition, the physicists may be holding on to a few secrets too.

Maybe they knew how to escape into another dimension after one kilometre, teleporting themselves to a place just before the finish line.

In any case, the physicists from the Niels Bohr Institute placed second and third among the U of C rankings, just ousting a group of spritely X-ray technicians from Frederiksberg hospital.

See the top 10 U of C teams in the fact box to the right. The first number is the overall placing, the second is the team number, followed by the overall time and name of the team.

You can see the total rankings for all teams, including those who are unlucky enough not to be a part of the University of Copenhagen here.

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All photos: Lizette Kabré.