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Little-known uni fact #2: Uni is run by Muppets

Furry glove-puppets have taken control of the University of Copenhagen, according to an offbeat Facebook group with around 500 members. The Muppets want to sell off all classrooms, and hold lectures in public parks and cemeteries instead

Have you ever wondered how decisions are made about the running of the university? Look no further: the University of Copenhagen is spearheaded by Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog and co.

This is according to a critical and ironic face book group with the title »University of Copenhagen administration is run by Muppets«.

Creative management, inflexible students

The group, which boasts 491 members, claims that this explains some of the »creative« decisions taken at the top.

On the site, the Muppet administration has its say, criticising the students for lack of flexibility:

»Our students are extremely inflexible. For example when we regularly plan lectures at the same time as their exams (sometimes more than one exam in one day), this seems to be a problem for our students.«

Pick a grade, any grade

The Muppets also have plans for a new exam system, whereby students simply line up and pick a grade from from a tombola.

The glove-puppet university managers also point out that since some university buildings have been sold off, teaching will now be extended to 8pm.

They eventually plan to sell all university buildings (except their own offices) and hold lectures in parks, public squares and cemeteries, according to the Facebook group.

International mess

Finally, the Muppets state that students should not expect to be provided with a chair in every lecture.

The university management has also entered into an agreement with all of the university book stores to make sure that they order no more than 49 per cent of the books needed for any one class.

And something for the international students: When the Muppets hold international conferences (»messe« in Danish,) their slogan is »This is the biggest mess you will ever see.«

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