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Long-distance love

This Danish-Peruvian couple had to find creative ways to keep the romance alive despite living continents apart

Sofie and I met in my home country, Peru, when she was an exchange student. I was working at the bar – isn’t that how ‘the notebook’ starts? – we met, we got drunk, and love was born. We stuck together almost immediately and have been together ever since.

About 5 or 6 months later she had to go back to Denmark and we decided to do the long distance thing and spent a few months apart. 3 months after she left, I came to Denmark to visit for the summer, made some friends, and fell in love with the country.

For our first anniversary (we were apart) I learned how to play “grow old with you” on the guitar and sent her a video. That’s how I started to play the guitar, but that’s another story!

From Denmark to Peru

On her birthday she was here in Denmark and I was in Peru. I was working at the bar, so I made a video in which I’m behind the bar and I start talking about how much I love her and miss her and how she’s everything to me – and then the camera turns and there are more than 30 strangers there, with shots in their hands, cheering and yelling “Happy birthday Sofie!”

As we were growing closer as a couple, we had no intention of letting go of each other. So when I had to go back to Peru, we decided that I would come back to Denmark after a few months. But there were complications with my visa and Sofie’s apartment, so she ended up quitting her job and moving to Peru in a matter of a few weeks.

We found an apartment and stayed in Lima for about 7 months. I think by that time we had already decided to get married, but it took a few months until i proposed (no big romantic gesture there, it was completely improvised and private).

Surprise parties

For Sofie’s next birthday, I threw her a surprise BBQ party in Lima. My friends and I were blowing up balloons and decorating all day while she and her girlfriends were out getting pampered. When she finally arrived and we all yelled ”surprise”, I made her stand in one particular spot. My friend Dave was 4 floors up, with a bag full of balloons and waiting for my sign. Sadly, we didn’t take the wind into consideration (we had been drinking a little bit while blowing up the balloons) so they didn’t exactly fall on top of her as planned, but a little further – and then flew away!

And for my birthday last year she threw me a surprise Mexican party here in Denmark, with all (or most) of my Danish friends – they all dressed up (I bet it took lots of planning), and she gave me the best present ever: an electric guitar!

Last year in May we moved back to Denmark, got married and it’s been all happiness and bureaucracy ever since!

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