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Looks like record number of applicants

The Admissions Office has not finished crunching the numbers yet, but there could be a record number who want to be University of Copenhagen students this year

Judging from numbers from other Danish universities, and data used as a proxy for the real figures, the University of Copenhagen will have a record number of Danish applicants this year.

The University of Southern Denmark in Odense has had a 39 per cent increase in applicants, while RUC in Roskilde has gone up by over 25 per cent.

The admissions office at the University of Copenhagen has told our Danish section Universitetsavisen, that they have not finished counting the applications yet.

Proxy numbers point to record

But other numbers that can be used as a proxy to track the totals, the so-called Quota 2 application totals, show that the record will be broken, according to data from the office.

Last year there were a total of 13,858 applicants for places at University of Copenhagen.

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