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Lucid dreaming at Science and Cocktails event series

This season's scientific lectures and cold drinks out in Christiania will be entertaining, and feature the kind of dream where you are aware that you are dreaming

The research that presented at this season’s Science and Cocktails is non-existent in Denmark. Lucid dreaming – where you are aware that you are dreaming – and the sociology of happiness.

This is according to organisers of Science and Cocktails, a series of events combining scientific lectures, media art performances and cold drinks. With the new fall season coming up byens lys (a cinema in the hip Christiania district) will once again be the playing ground for scientists and artists from all over the world to inspire and fascinate. Traditionally the lectures are focusing on entertainment featuring scientists on top of their respective fields.

“In fact, to what concerns the sociology of happiness we have the world’s leading expert on the subject and to what concerns lucid dreaming we have the European’s leading expert on the subject. I think these two lectures will be a unique experience for a public audience.” says Jácome Armas, inventor and organizer.

Nightlife and science, a unique combination

Science and Cocktails started in 2010 as a collaboration between the Niels Bohr Institute and scientist/artist Jácome Armas. This year the event was awarded the Genius Prize by the Danish Association of Science Journalists. The fall season 2014 not only features a variety of different sciences, but also introduces new topics to Danish research.

Science and Cocktails is famous for its one-of-a-kind combination of nightlife and science bringing together traditional research with the open minded environment of Christiania. Visitors will be entertained as well as encouraged to think about new, sometimes controversial, topics. Some might even take ideas home and expand upon their own research.

This years talks range from the science of deliciousness to research on epidemics, featuring a wide spectrum of different topics.

A spring of highlights

Looking at this fall’s program there are two must-gos. The first takes place the 21. November and will feature German scientist Ursula Voss who will talk about her research on lucid dreaming. She is not only an expert in her field, but became famous for the discovery of a new state of consciousness. Around two weeks later, on 1 November, there will be a special event featuring Dutch sociologist Ruut Veenhoven who will talk about happiness and how we can measure it.

“I believe that these talks may also work as inspiration for Danish researchers to start tackling these interesting areas.” says Jácome Armas about this seasons must-go events.

The fall season started 7 October with an event on the Science of Deliciousness. It will feature five events until 18. November. It usually takes place every second Tuesday at 8 pm. The presentations will be in English and free to all.

A list of events in the Science and Cocktails series can be found here.

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