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Lykke Friis gets new Prorector job

After four years as a politician Lykke Friis is to return to the University of Copenhagen as its first Prorector for Education

Lykke Friis left the University of Copenhagen in November 2009, when she was appointed a Danish Minister for Climate and Energy, subsequently Minister for Equality. Since the 2011 election she has been Member of Parliament for the party Venstre.

Now Lykke Friis returns to the University, she confirms to media.

“I have had some fantastic years as minister and on the opposition bench, but I have missed my University, and I have always known that I was not a career politician,” she says.

She has been appointed the new position as Prorector for Education.

“We need more management focus on this area, which is the main point in the University’s Strategy 2016,” Ralf Hemmingsen said in March.

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