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'M.A.D' project to go against media distortions

Learn more about cultural diversity and acceptance Tuesday 22 October at Studenterhuset as the organizers of the M.A.D project share their experiences, ideas and explain how you can make a difference

University of Copenhagen student Eugenija Kovaliova and her husband Kamal Ahamada invite you to the presentation of their international project to promote cultural diversity, the so-called Make A Difference project (M.A.D), held at Studenterhuset at 18:00 on Tuesday 22nd October.

“The M.A.D project is a non-governmental association that seeks to foster curiosity and understanding on regions and ethnic or religious groups whose image has been reduced to one single story by negative or distorted coverage in mainstream medias, which, in its turn, contributes to stereotyping, categorizations, misunderstandings, exclusion and in worst case – violence,” the organizers explain.

The organizers will share their experiences – and they have plenty – talk about new ideas and welcome new volunteers. Open discussion will follow the short presentation, a great opportunity for all all to get involved.

Find out more about the event here.

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