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Majority in place for points system

Strict laws on family reunification will be passed in parliament, as more details of the controversial law are fleshed out

The Danish government now has enough support to pass its new ‘Immigration Pact’. The new law will introduce a point system for foreigners wishing to join their spouse, and stay in Denmark permanently.

This is according to the Danish daily Politiken.

See whether you yourself make the grade in the points system here.

Last-minute doubts

The government’s majority for its highly controversial immigration legislation had otherwise come into doubt at the last moment earlier today Thursday, following a shock announcement by former minister Britta Schall Holberg (Liberal Party).

Although the Liberal Group Chairman Kristian Jensen had promised that his whole group will vote in favour of the pact, Schall Holberg wavered, claiming that she was unclear on the specifics of the pact.

However, following a meeting among the Liberal Party’s parliamentary group members, she proclaimed her support for the pact.

With her support, the government has now gathered the necessary 90 votes in support of the proposal.

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