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Martian trial city to be built in Denmark

DANISH NEWS - Trial city for Mars landings to be set up in Denmark

The Dutch privately owned project Mars One want to establish a permanent colony on Mars, and according to their plans, the first humans will be sent there in 2025. So the hopeful pioneers will have to commence training soon, reports and

39-year-old Danish architect, Kristian von Bengtson, will be in charge of building a trial-city. He has a Masters in Austronautics and co-founded Copenhagen Suborbitals. ‘The most important thing right now is creating a space and environment that will allow us to train the volunteers’, he stated.

The project originally had 200,000 volunteers who have now been reduced to 1,000.

‘We can simulate much of the conditions they will be facing, as they will have to stay inside most of the time and wear space suits when venturing outside. This allows us to monitor how their health reacts and how they are able to collaborate’, he concluded.

Building the city is expected to take approx. six months once financing is secured.

Read article in Danish here.

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