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McDonalds leads Copenhagen clean up campaign

Sick of discarded pizza boxes, burger wrappings and worse, City Hall wants to clean up the streets

A new campaign aims to make Copenhagen the cleanest capital i Europe by 2015, reports our media partner and

Faced with a mountain of discarded pizza boxes, burger wrappings, dog dirt, and cigarette butts, Copenhagen City Hall has given a private enterprise consortium, consisting of McDonalds, Danish Design Centre, DSB, Jeudan, Copenhagen City Centre, and others a mandate to clean up the streets. A spokesman for McDonalds welcomed the new campaign, ‘Clean Love for CPH’, which will encourage Copenhageners to use rubbish bins.

»Our motives are just the same as any other resident of the capital,« he says.

Rubbish up by 31 per cent

»We want to see the cleanest city possible. We can make a very positive contribution via our outlets and by direct advertising.«

The amount of rubbish in Copenhagen has risen by 31 per cent since 2011, even though the streets are cleaned, washed down, and swept more than ever.

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