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Media reports: Case against Penkowa dropped

Police drop charges against brain scientist Milena Penkowa, report media

Milena Penkowa says she now feels vindicated, after Copenhagen’s Police apparently have dropped charges against her for document forgery and fraud, reports

“After a massive media frenzy over the last several years, I am happy to finally have my name cleared, and look forward to putting the matter behind me. I am now considering seeking compensation for damages, as the case proceeding against me — lasting for nearly 2 1/2 years — has had a great impact on both my personal and professional life.”, Penkowa writes on her website.

In 2010 she was sentenced to 3 months of suspended jail-time for embezzlement, and in 2012 she was found guilty of scientific misconduct by the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty. The University Post has reported on the matter extensively, for example here.

Familiarise yourself with the background of the case, with a light-hearted overview here.

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