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Media: Students can't register address at Krimsvej dorm

The University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation has been encouraging students living in CPH Studio Hotel on Krimsvej to get housing benefits. But students can't register

According to the Copenhagen Municipality, the CPH Studio Hotel was intended to be a hotel instead of student housing, therefore students are not allowed to have their address registered on Krimsvej 29. This is according to Metroxpress.

This means that they can’t apply for housing benefits as well, although they were promised they could.

Metroxpress was able to take a look at the building permit and it says that ”with the establishing of a hotel, there will be no central registration for address”.

Yes you can register

Builder Jacob Moesgaard claims that he has the proper permission after all and that students can have their address registered on Krimsvej 29:

”We have enquired Copenhagen Municipality about registration several times and every time they assured us that students can register here in spite of it being a hotel.”

Head of the Housing Foundation Charlotte Simonsen agreed with what Moesgaard had to say but had no further comments. ”Housing Foundation is renting out rooms on a short lease to international students, and CPH Studio Hotel had assured us before approving the contract that it is correct,” she says.

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