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Meet three new faces at UCPH

The new semester has brought many new faces to the University of Copenhagen. We met a couple of them. Jonas who is still looking for a place to live, Trine who got into the law programme right after her upper secondary school, and Michela from Italy who is researching vaccines for farm animals

Michela Gambino’s new postdoc in the Department of Veterinary Disease Biology

“In a way, I start a little from scratch with some pure research”

Postdoctoral student Michela Gambino, 34, is from Italy.

When did you move to Denmark?
“I found a place to stay through back in June, and I then came for a weekend and had a look at the apartment. Then I got my CPR number and moved here in July, so I had some time to settle in.”

What do you think of Copenhagen?
“I worked at the Panum Institute for three months two years ago, as part of my PhD work. And I fell in love with the city – both the lifestyle and the environment on university campus. So when a position was announced, I had no doubt that I would apply for it. ”

What is your research about?
“I am doing research in the research project TOP SAFE (Targeted Optimized Phage solutions for food Safety, ed.) under the GDDP (Green Development and Demonstration Programme, ed.) where we look at the use of bacterial viruses to combat harmful bacteria. I have a PhD in biomolecular sciences from the University of Milan. So in a way I start a bit from scratch with some pure research. ”

What is it like working here compared to Milan?
“You are more relaxed, but you work more effectively in the workplace. They have longer working days in Italy, but it is because you work more concentrated here. And the facilities for researchers are quite good at UCPH. ”

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Jonas Rudbæk starts in the molecular biomedicine programme in September

“I am still looking for a place to stay”

Student Jonas Rudbæk is 21 years old and from Vipperød
What are you going to study at university?
“I have been admitted to the molecular biomedicine programme. First, I wanted to start at an Animation Workshop in Viborg, but in the gymnasium (upper secondary school, ed.) the doubts crept in, because I’m really interested in science. I ended up applying for both the Animation Workshop and molecular biomedicine, and I ended up here and it suits me well.”

Why did you choose UCPH?
“I was here to visit campus, and I think the study environment seemed to work well. And then we were allowed to do some experiments while I was visiting. It was cool! I’ve had a sabbatical year off and am excited to get started again. ”

What is it like to move here from Vipperød?
“I feel a bit like I am moving away from friends, but it is also the start of something new. And I have some friends from efterskole (lower secondary boarding school, ed.), living in Copenhagen now. I am still looking for a place to stay, but I hope that something turns up. ”

What are you looking forward to the most?
“To start afresh and meet new people. And it will be great to get back to studying. ”

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Trine Lasson starting law school straight from high school

“At first I did not think I was smart enough. Luckily, I am – or at least got admitted”

Trine Lasson is 19 years old and from Gundsømagle.

What are you going to study at university?
“Law. It was my first priority, so I am really looking forward to getting started. I come direct from upper secondary school, but I’m motivated to start studying, and I will not lose the motivation that I have now.”

How did it feel when you were told you were admitted?
“Crazy! I was about to cry when I was told that I had gained admission. It was early morning, so I ran in and woke my mum and younger brother – I was just so happy! ”

What are you looking forward to the most?
“All the new challenges. The university is a completely different world, so I am looking forward to meeting all the other students. Law was my dream study programme, but at first I did not think I was smart enough. Luckily, I am – or I at least got admitted”

Are you nervous about starting?
“Not really. I am very open and outgoing, so it’ll go fine. I am just looking forward to getting started with student life.”