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Meeting up at the humanities orientation

As orientation came, some international students already got a whole new set of friends

On a sunny, yet chilly morning at the Faculty of Humanities buildings at KUA, people are trying to find their way around, and some seem lost. One by one, they find the room where other lonely people are already waiting in a slightly shy and awkward situation. Nobody is conversing loudly. Most are sipping a cup of coffee, while some are munching a croissant.

This free breakfast is just the first item on the agenda for the coming days and weeks, and the start of the Orientation Programme for international full degree students at the Faculty of Humanities.

Students are welcomed by the Full Degree Student Guidance Counselors Morten Mechlenborg Nørulf and Michael Anker Petersen Hockenhull, who are in charge of the introduction program.

Wants to immerse herself

While the few conversations are still cautious, the internationals are requested to arrange themselves for the first ice-breaking and socializing game. The mumblings get louder, small talks about studies and home countries commence, and new study buddies – maybe even future friends, are found.

”A big reason why I want to study in Denmark is to meet new people and build a network of people who want to work on the same goals – for example organizing and realizing some nice projects together,” explains Anna from Slovakia, who is studying a Masters of Applied Cultural Analysis.

”I want to immerse myself in Danish culture,” says Elisabeth from Australia, a new student in Cognition and Communication.

Numbers, facebook

Weiya, from China, who is beginning an exchange semester in Cultural-Cultural Studies, says: ”One of the things I want to do while I’m in Copenhagen is living local people’s patterns. I want to have a taste of their everyday life.”

”I really want to ride a bike while I’m in the city,” says Kate from the UK, a future student of Philosophy: ”I can’t think of anything more Danish!”

The conversations increase, different countries laugh together, and new friends exchange mobile numbers and Facebook names. This morning, most arrived alone. Now many leave together with someone else – already less lost on their journey through campus life.

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