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Minister: Nordic languages not under threat

Minister responsible for Danish language, Jelved, praises the increased use of other tongues

In one way, said the Danish Minister of Culture Marianne Jelved at the Nordic language conference, “I am the wrong minister to speak to you, as I am not Minister with responsibility for universities.”

“But on the other hand I am the right minister, as I am Minister responsible for Danish language and culture,” she added.

The Minister opened the Nordic universities language network event with a speech which went on to argue why Danish, and Nordic languages, where under no threat from the increased use of English.

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Firmly anchored

“Not only English, but also other foreign languages are necessary for our children and young people to go out and meet the world at large, study abroad, educate themselves and make themselves attractive for the international labour force,” she said.

She continued further on, “my fundamental belief is that the Danish language and the Nordic languages, are strong and are firmly anchored in the Nordic populace”.

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