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Minister: University explanation not good enough

Wants phone call notes, explanation of Rector’s role. Key parliament meeting coming up

Not good enough. Do it again. This is how the Minister of Science has responded to a University of Copenhagen account of the Milena Penkowa fraud case.

The ministry has just released a University account of what it intends to do to clear up the case, and the Minister’s response to it. And the Minister Charlotte Sahl-Madsen is not satisfied.

Notes from claimed phone calls to Spain verifying the University’s due diligence in the case of brain scientist Milena Penkowa, and more details, are required, the minister says.

Who was in charge?

»Everyone has an interest in having this case examined in a way that leaves no unanswered questions. I have not found the description by the University of Copenhagen of how they intend to manage the subsequent process adequate,« says Minister of Science Charlotte Sahl-Madsen.

She adds that she expects the University of Copenhagen to add further details to their account of the Penkowa case, »so we can get to the bottom of it,« she says.

The University of Copenhagen must explain to the Ministry who precisely it was, that was in charge of the University inquiry into Milena Penkowa’s claimed laboratory rat experiments.

What did Rector do?

The ministry requires notes from phone calls that supposedly had taken place to check the claimed laboratories in Spain where the lab experiments were claimed to have taken place.

The account should include a description of Rector Ralf Hemmingsen’s handling of the case, just as it should include an account of the subsequent Board of Executives handling of it, the Ministry writes.

A parliamentary commitee will be briefed by the Minister of Science later today Thursday. Follow the University Post coverage.