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Minister: University managers still in control

The University of Copenhagen has been put under supervision. But this does not mean that the management is no longer running the University of Copenhagen, says Minister after a turbulent week

The Management and Board of Executives are still in control of things at the University of Copenhagen.

This is according to Minister of Science Charlotte Sahl-Madsen who talked to our Danish-language section Universitetsavisen in the wake of last week’s Penkowa report.

»Shouldn’t I explain to you what the concept of intensified supervision is? It has been reported in the media that the University of Copenhagen has been deprived of control over itself. But this is not the case,« she says.

‘Design’ of supervision to be specified

She elaborates:

»The higher level of supervision doesn’t cover the entire university. It only covers things have not been working,« she says.

»The Danish University and Property Agency is now working on what we call ‘the design’ for the heightened level of supervision. We will write precisely which areas should be put under a higher level of supervision. In some areas the University of Copenhagen will have to explain what it intends to do. In other areas, we will say, what they do now is not good enough, and we need new procedures,« she says

Problems with funding, accounts, lack of guidelines

Charlotte Sahl-Madsen goes into more detail on what exactly aroused her attention in the legal advisers Kammeradvokaten report:

»My decision is a consequence of the Kammeradvokaten report where it says that optimal processes are not in place in regards to funding, and that accounts are worked out by researchers, while it should be by accountants. And that there is an unclear procedure for awarding the Elite Research Prize, so that you can put forward yourself as a candidate, and that it can somehow pass several levels in the organisation. This shows that there are no clear guidelines.«

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