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Mixed Danish reaction to Durban deal

Empty words or the real deal. As the climate negotiators reach agreement in Durban, Danish politicians disagree on whether it is a good one or a bad one

The agreement that emerged from the UN Climate Conference in Durban, which for the first time ever commits all countries to cutting carbon emissions, has split Danish politicians along party lines, writes and Jyllands-Posten.

The Liberals’ climate spokesman, Lars Christian Lillejolt, praised the last-minute road map that will guide countries towards a legal deal to cut carbon in 2015.

»In climate negotiations you have to welcome even the smallest step forward so there’s good reason to congratulate nations for accepting responsibility just two days after all appeared lost,« Lillejolt says.

Left wing not impressed

Social Democrat counterpart, Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil, dismissed the deal as ‘unambitious’, and criticised countries for not making a greater effort.

»I don’t see how the climate will be improved, which is the only reason for climate talks. You’d have to be a supreme optimist to believe that this agreement will bind anybody to concrete goals that will reduce CO2 emissions at the speed needed to stop the climate spinning our of control,« Rosenkrantz-Theil comments.

Social-Liberal Minister of Climate and Energy, Martin Lidegaard, returned from Durban with ‘mixed emotions’. »Seen from a climate point of view it’s a very unambitious agreement. On the other hand, it’s historic to see every country, including major polluters like China, India, and the USA, declare themselves ready to accept a legally binding agreement.«

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