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Model United Nations to debate Syria crisis

A week of lectures, debate, United Nations Security Council simulations and social events. It's the annual Danish Model United Nations (DanMUN) with students participating from throughout the world

Students from around the world are gathering for this year’s Danish Model United Nations (DanMUN 2013), taking place in the Frederiksberg Palace, Copenhagen. The event provides a unique experience for university students by simulating the demanding life of a real diplomat.

Six days of organized visits, lectures, panel debates and United Nations Security Council simulation sessions will help the students get familiar with the procedures of formal negotiations and with the practice of backdoor diplomacy.

Beneficial knowledge for the future as delegates, each student represents one of the members of the United Nations Security Council jointly with two of their colleagues. Furthermore, two delegates are specially assigned press representatives, who cover the conference from a journalistic perspective.

More than just a study experience

The members of all fifteen delegations are expected to know their respective country’s stance on given topics and alliances, in order to react as realistically as possible in a debate. The event encourages all participating students to actively contribute to their delegation’s negotiation processes. The format allows for all of them to practice communicating critical thinking in public, in order to defend and advance the policies of their »proxy home country«.

This year’s scenario is ‘Syria: an international humanitarian and geopolitical crisis’. But there are other topics to cover during social events and informal gatherings, explains Andrea Coloma, chairman of DanMUN.

“As the participants come from many different countries and universities and from diverse academic disciplines, DanMUN gives an opportunity for a truly multicultural understanding of international negotiations and diplomacy, as well as a distinct chance to exercise individual political convictions in practice, all in a friendly and social environment.”

The University Post will be reporting from the event.

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