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More Danish young people unemployed

DANISH NEWS - The protective bubble that so far has shielded Danish young people from the economic crisis is bursting: Alarming new stats for youth unemployment

The massive youth unemployment problems of the rest of Europe seem to be finally reaching Denmark.

New Statistics Denmark figures show that while the number of jobless between the age of 30 and 49 remained constant last year, the number of unemployed under the age of 30 rose to 40,000, reports Seven and

The Danish figures comes days after European-wide Eurostat figures were released showing that the youth unemployment rate – people under 25 – was 24.4 per cent in the eurozone in November and 23.7 per cent in the wider European Union.

Condemned to life on welfare

A whole generation of young people in Europe is at risk of being left behind, Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt warned.

A spokesman for Confederation of Danish Unions, which represents over a million people, called the new figures ‘deeply troubling’ and criticised the government for failing to combat youth unemployment. The head of the Liberals’ youth wing, Martin Dahlin, characterised the ever-lengthening jobless queue in Denmark as a ‘bomb under society’ which will condemn young people to a life on welfare.

“It’s a problem that can only be solved by more economic growth but nobody at parliament is willing to take growth seriously,” said Martin Dahlin.

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