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More than 11,000 at the University of Copenhagen's Spring Festival

11,000 students, scientists and staff ignored the dismal weather Friday for music, sports and science at the University of Copenhagen’s first ever Spring Festival. This is according to organisers' estimates

Organisers had feared that the rain would reduce the turnout. But there were more card-holding University of Copenhagen students and staff at the festival than the organisers had projected and hoped for.

The event, the first and biggest of its kind in the history of the University of Copenhagen, was organized by the Student Council (Studenterådet) and the Studenterhuset, with the goal of uniting people from across the different campuses and faculties.

“We were aiming for between 8,000 and 10,000 guests at the event, but due to the rather unpleasant weather forecasts, we scaled down on the number. But it turned out that over 11,000 guests went through our gates!” says Michael Pallisgaard from Student Council.

See the pictures below by Martin Kofod.

Unexpected turnout

The festival had an extensive program. Everything from a football final between History and Political Science to Danish rap group, Østkyst Hustlers, a science slam and a Spring Cabaret.

Everything from the football – commentator was Prorector and avid football fan Lykke Friis – to the science slam went smoothly.

“I was surprised by the turnout. We had a strong program, but with the weather against us we were pessimistic beforehand. Our doubts were put to shame!” says Michael Pallisgaard.

The guests were the highlight

“For me personally, one of the biggest highlights was to see the guests interacting with each other. There was a true festival feeling and I saw nothing but smiles and happy faces, and I would like to thank everyone who participated for making this a night to remember,” says Michael Pallisgaard.

He points to the performance by Østkyst Hustlers as another highlight:

“They really set the stage on fire and really seemed to be enjoying themselves.”

Not the last time

The organizers hope that this year’s Spring Festival will be the beginning of a new tradition.

“The Spring Festival was a success. There has never been an event on this scale in the history of the University of Copenhagen, and with the great support from both employees and students, I think we have created the foundation for a tradition which will last for generations,” says Michael Pallisgaard.

See the pictures below by Martin Kofod.

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