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Most systems up and running

After Monday's computer and network breakdown, the IT department says the University of Copenhagen's systems will be working by 11 am

»The systems are now starting to work in a steady flow, and we expect that most systems will function again before 11 am,« says University of Copenhagen IT-service manager, Ole Jochumsen, to our sister site Uniavisen .

Thousands of staff members received an involuntary off-day yesterday Monday. For many students, however, the outage caused many concerns and worries as they could neither receive nor give in exam papers. Accessing exam information and signing up for exams was also impossible.

For details on what exactly broke down yesterday, read our article here.

Websites up, but no info

At this moment, all faculty webpages are working. However, none of them have any relevant information for students about the missed exams, exam deadlines and exam registrations.

Our colleagues from the Danish section called the study administrations of the different faculties this morning. They received the following answers:

Faculty of Science: Calling at 9:30 AM (within opening hours), study administration at meeting till 10 AM

Faculty of Social Sciences: Calling at 9:30 AM (within opening hours), no answer

Faculty of Hummanities: Calling at 9:55 (within opening hours), forwarded to Hanne Harmsen
(Vice Pirector of Education), then forwarded to Anette Moe (Head of Studies), who doesn’t pick up her phone.

Talk to your Study Administration

When our sister site Uniavisen does get a comment from Hanne Harmsen, she admits to the great need of general information to the students after the breakdown, but is unable to give it.

»The different faculties have tackled the situation very differently. At the Faculty of Humanities we have postponed the deadline for all written exams to be delivered yesterday for one day« Hanne Harmsens comments.

»What was communicated yesterday, still applies today: All affected students should speak with their own study administration, for information on how to deal with the situation.«

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