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Murder attempt on Islam critic

DANISH NEWS: One of Denmark’s most prominent critics of Islam has survived an assassination attempt

70-year-old Lars Hedegaard, head of the Free Press Society and former editor in chief of left-wing daily Information, narrowly escaped death when a gunman fired at him from close range on the doorstep of his Frederiksberg home Tuesday, report all Danish media and as reported on our Danish news partner

The man, described as speaking perfect Danish but from an ethnic minority, missed with the first bullet and fled when his gun jammed as he prepared to fire off a second shot. Copenhagen Police, acting on a tip, immediately sealed off Copenhagen Zoo after reports that the assailant had fled there, but admitted last night that they had no further leads as to his whereabouts.

Mr Hedegaard, well known as a vociferous critic of Islam, was found guilty by the High Court in 2011 for claiming in an interview that Muslims rape their own children.

Supported Wilders

He was later cleared of racism by the Supreme Court. His free Press Society has also stated that Islam is the biggest threat to freedom of speech throughout the world and has publicly expressed support for controversial, anti-immigration Dutch MP Gert Wilders.

The police issued a description of the wanted man as ‘around 25 years of age, 1.75 to 1.80m tall and with thick stubble around the chin’. At the time of the attack he was dressed as a postman with a red jacket, logo, and bright sneakers.

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