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Nawin from Nepal: I was homesick

Our Mr. Average from the the University Post's 'Your Typical Day' survey is from Nepal. He spends time with family and friends at home via Skype, Facebook

For Nawin Pudasaini, coming to Copenhagen to do a full degree in pharmaceutical science was not easy.

»I felt homesick here, as it was the first time I was away from home,« he explains.

The University Post found him, among those respondents of the ‘Your Typical Day’ survey who had left contact details, to be a typical student in terms of time spent on different activities.

Now less than two hours a day chatting

Generally speaking, in terms of time spent on the survey’s activities, he is Mr Average. But there is one exception: The time he spends ‘chatting with friends via phone, skype, messenger Ipad, facebook whatever’ where he reports two to four hours, every day.

»At the time I filled out the survey, I felt the need to get connected to my family and friends, as I was homesick.

This has since improved and I have met many friends in class, and Nepalese friends here,« he says, adding that the time spent under this category is now under two hours a day.

He spends his other spare moments going for evening walks, and reading literature: At the moment Georg Eber’s 1864 novel ‘An Egyptian Princess’.

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