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New Conservative leader: Christian, adopted…and gay

The Conservative Party has a new leader and he's already revealed a few new facts about himself

New Conservative leader Søren Pape Poulsen is feeling the heat of national politics less than a week after taking over from Lars Barfoed.

In the midst of the growing controversy surrounding his role in the unlawful, multi-million sponsorship deal awarded to the local football club in his hometown of Viborg, Mr Poulsen has now come ‘out of the closet’ regarding his sexuality, writes

In an interview with local paper Fyens Stiftidende he admits to being homosexual.

“It doesn’t concern anybody but me but I feel the need to come clean because both myself and the party’s press office have been bombarded with questions. In every interview I’ve given since I became party leader I’ve been questioned about my private life and it became increasingly apparent that journalists had done their homework.”

He goes on to explain how he was adopted as a child and ‘finds strength’ in his Christian faith.

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