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New crash courses in English on Danish society

The University of Copenhagen's sister institution Folkeuniversitetet is now offering courses in English

A quick and easy way to learn a lot about Danes and Danish society. This is the concept behind three new lecture series at the University of Copenhagen’s extra-mural department Folkeuniversitetet.

Courses at Folkeuniversitetet are for everyone. You don’t have to be a student – either a Danish student or an international one – there are no prerequisites, no exams, and no subsequent formal credit.

Attending the course does, however, require payment of a fee. The price varies with the length of the course, from just over DKK 200 to just over DKK 500.

113 years and ready for more

Courses in English are new to Folkeuniversitetet, which has a vision of bringing scientific research to the general public.

»The first [Folkeuniversitet] lecture was given in 1899 and we are now ready to take on new (international…ed.) audiences with three new lecture series,« says Bente Hagelund, who is rector for Folkeuniversitet.

The sign-up is already open, and will remain so until the beginning of the course.

Not just for lawyers

Besides being an easy way to get to know Danish culture and history better, it is also a possible way of meeting new people and forming a network outside the usual study-circle, Bente Hagelund thinks.

One of the courses has a more practical angle on Danish society than the others; understanding Danish immigration law under influence from both the fields of EU-law and international human rights conventions.

»People taking our courses don’t stay within their usual fields of study. Law-students want to study art history and students of literature want to know more about the law,« says Bente Hagelund.

Motivated amateurs

»Courses aim to be accessible to motivated ‘amateurs’: So the Immigration Law course, for example, is not just for lawyers – on the contrary.« explains Bente Hagelund.

To read more about the courses and Folkeuniversitetet follow this link

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