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New exhibit: A dress made of pills

Femme Vitale is a new art work at the University of Copenhagen’s medical museum, the Medical Museion

Made by 27,774 tablets and capsules woven into a light fabric, she represents 10 years of medical drug intake for a typical woman with ‘the metabolic syndrome’, the confluence of a number of symptoms and diseases, like hypertension, obesity, high blood fat levels and type 2 diabetes, that often occur together (co-morbidity),

More than 300,000 Danish people are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Living with chronic diseases is often a hidden burden, but Femme Vitale wears her medical drugs on the outside.

She was unveiled on Friday 11 October, and will welcome visitors in the entrance hall of Medical Museion as a manifest reminder of our co-morbid lives.

See a video of the dress being made here:

[video: width:525 height:380 align:center]

The artwork is made by the British Artgroup Pharmacopoeia.

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