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New friendly place to sit down and study

The Faculty of Humanities Library has opened a new space for students to work, help each other, and receive specialised academic guidance

There’s a new place to hit the books at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) KUA campus. The ‘Study Hub’ at the Faculty of Humanities Library opened a few weeks ago and already students are flocking to it. Located on the ground floor behind the copiers, there is space to work individually or as a group, and screens available if you want to eliminate distractions.

Though the library already has classrooms and reading areas, these were felt to be too formal for many of the educational opportunities the library wanted to provide. Inspired by similar study areas in England and Australia, the aim was to create a friendly environment in order to facilitate learning. So far the response has been good.

Photo: Sarah Ommanney

”We’ve had a very positive reception,” says Kirsten Thomsen, Information Specialist at the library and initiator of the project. ”There’s always someone using the hub, and people have said how much they like to sit and read among the books,” she says.

Students helping students

In addition to being a new place to study, the hub will also host various academic events. Students can book meetings with an Information Specialist to learn how to optimise their use of the library, and researchers will be invited to present their work. The QA Programme will run workshops there, as well as sessions where bachelor students can receive help and guidance from masters students.

The study hub isn’t just run by the library. Students are welcome to book the space to host their own events, or to suggest events they would like the library to organise. The hub also includes the Student’s Gallery, which will exhibit art made by UCPH students.

Within a year, Kirsten hopes to expand the hub’s scope by incorporating a virtual study hub, which would include a library guide, e-learning material, and a booking system. ”It’s the ambition and mission of the library to be an academic meeting place,” she explains. ”We don’t want to compete with the university. We should be different; a centre of knowledge,” she says.

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