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New group for Chinese staff and scholars

The UCPH China Staff Association was launched with over 85 Chinese scholars attending

The new China Staff Association (CSA) is specifically geared towards Chinese staff at the University of Copehagen (UCPH), along with many non-Chinese scholars who are interested in China-related research or have research collaborations with Chinese partners.

Not only does the association now offer practical advantages of facilitating academic, networking and social interactions between staff members, but the launch of this association itself recognizes this group as an important feature within the life of the university.

”The colleagues involved in CSA are really excited about the potential that the association has for future Sino-Danish collaborations in higher education and research,” says Associate Professor Wusheng Yu, the Chair of the association.

Potential for the university’s future

In his speech at the formal launch event, which was attended by 85 UCPH staff members as well as a representative of the Chinese Ambassador and Copenhagen Capacity, Yu highlighted that one of the aims of the CSA is to support and improve the professional experience of its staff.

Futhermore, Associate Professor Yu also sees the CSA as being ideally positioned if the university is interested in attracting more Chinese students who meet the university’s admission standards and the huge financial and cultural advantages this would offer.

The CSA already has various activities and events lined up for the upcoming months. You can find out more about them in the fact box to the right.

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