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New international website launched

The international office has updated their website, making it simpler to find information about english study programs at UCPH

Today is the launch day of the new UCPH international office website, with a colourful, user friendly format, which simplifies the search for information about international programs at the university.

The site has been divided into 5 separate sections: Bachelors, Masters, PhD, Exchange/Guest Students, and Summer School. ”Now, information is more directed at each target, to make the site more simple,” says Laurents Nordentoft, webmaster at UCPH. ”The english masters programs have also now been collected and compiled onto one main website, with a common description template,” Nordentaft explains.

”We also have a welcome site to international students who are enrolled, with information they will need to know at UCPH,” says Nordentoft. This is a separate website, which can be found here:

Check out the new UCPH International Student website here .

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