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New internationals: From airport to auditorium

Still carrying suitcases and free maps of the city centre, this semester’s newly arrived international students gathered yesterday at the Faculty of Social Sciences for their first orientation meeting

Carlsberg, Mærsk, Søren Kirkegaard and H.C. Andersen were some of the quintessentially Danish concepts presented to around 150 expectant and slightly nervous new international students from all over the world.

They had fought the cold and, in some cases, dragged enormous suitcases straight from the airport to the Faculty of Social Sciences so they could attend the International Office’s orientation meeting.

The recently arrived students, who represent around half of the total number enrolled this semester, were introduced to practical matters of Danish life, such as the CPR number, housing and of course, the all-important Student Café.

Irony and plagiarism

The new international students were also advised not to take offense if Danes say something that seems insulting:

»Just ask yourself if they might be joking. Danes love to use irony and sometimes when it gets translated into English, it just doesn’t work!« explained Anne Bruun, from the International Office.

On a more serious note, the newly enrolled students were warned against the perils of plagiarism. The message here was »if in doubt, ask someone«.

See the International office’s website here.