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New intranet goes live

New improved University of Copenhagen intranet KUnet replaces the old punkt.ku system. It has just gone live, and it works

KUnet, the University of Copenhagen’s new intranet, has just been launched at today Thursday morning.

The new system replaces PUNKT KU which has been closed down.

Read about how the intranet got its name in the article Intranet not for the prudish.

KUnet gives access to Absalon, Self Service, groups, the library and even a light hearted »back page«. Here you can see the trilogy of puppet videos called The truth about KUnet and send in your own photos.

Find the truth, and win

You can also join the quest for truth about KUnet and participate in the competition for three gift certificates, each worth DKK 1000, to be used in Akademisk Boghandel (academic bookstore).

The new KUnet also has a news and event section where you can see the latest headlines from the University Post, as well as international university news.

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