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New networking platform matches scientists with industry

Universities mostly focus on building academic careers. So Copenhagen student Holti Kellezi founded a platform that helps students in the life science field into industry

Students of the life sciences are well-equipped for academic careers by universities. But a new student-run platform hopes to do more.

Synapse – Life Science Connect is a networking platform designed to upskill and open students up to opportunities in scientific industries. The organisers felt there wasn’t enough information about alternative career paths coming from institutions.

“We want to show students that there’s more to a degree in the life sciences than academia” said the founder, Master’s student Holti Kellezi.

Filling the gap

“I felt that, throughout my studies I was only presented with the possibility of an academic career.” said Kellezi. “If I wanted to learn more about other opportunities, I had to seek it out myself.”

“The mindset within life sciences is changing, and students are now thinking more about how we can use our backgrounds for other career paths,” he says.

He participated in a similar organisation while on study exchange in New Zealand. When he came back he was surprised that there was nothing similar in Copenhagen, despite an otherwise good reputation as a ‘medicon valley’ science hub.

How it works

The platform organises events which give students a hint about some of the necessary skills needed for industry careers, such as project management and patenting, or practice in case competitions.

“We don’t expect to create project managers in a one-day seminar,” says Kellezi.

“But we hope to inspire students and show them what skills they need to build on for their corporate careers”.

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