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New office to cut paperwork for internationals

For new overseas students and staff, moving to Denmark has just got much easier. Copenhagen city council has opened a one-stop shop to deal with all the paperwork

For newly arrived students and workers from abroad, the lengthy process of traipsing from office to office to get tax papers, health card and CPR number is now a thing of the past.

Now, internationals can deal with all the paperwork in one place.

Cutting the paper trail

This June, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen opened a new citizen service centre, called One Stop Shop Copenhagen to cut through the complicated paper trail.

One Stop Shop Copenhagen will strengthen the city’s ability to attract international students, researchers and knowledge workers, the mayor Jensen stressed at the opening.


A fantastic idea, says Trine Højbjerg of the University of Copenhagen’s International Office, in an interview with MetroXpress. She hopes that this in the longer term will make Copenhagen more attractive for overseas students.

»If they [international students and staff, ed.] feel that the system is flexible, then they have a more positive experience, which they tell others about when they get home. That will mean that more will choose to come here,« she says.

»It is not only a good thing for overseas students. Our international researchers and staff will also benefit from it.«

Read more about One Stop Shop Copenhagen here.

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