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New photos of inside the Maersk Building

The University Post took another sneak peek inside the new Maersk building

The University post was given an exclusive tour of the new, not-yet-open, extension of Panum Building, which houses the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

The new Maersk Building on North Campus, will have a similar colour scheme and will be constructed with similar materials to the ‘old’ Panum building, but that’s about where the similarities end. Six months ago we published an inside night-time tour of the site, but now the builders are a lot closer to finishing.

The older, original, “‘Panum’ is a cool building, but it’s very closed to the outside world. This one [The Maersk Building] is built to look open and inviting,” says Charlotte Aabo, communication advisor at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences to the University Post.

Sustainable architecture

The architects have incorporated state-of-the-art science labratories with solar panels, green roofs, and moveable shutters. Pipes, rather than tanks, will be used to pump gas directly into the labs.

The large auditorium. Photo: Martina Zamboni

The entire building incorporates oak panelling, and the main auditorium, which will seat 500, is designed for the best acoustic performance so the speaker won’t need a microphone.

The new tower has a number of bridges for pedestrians and bikes, in order to make the surroundings more bike-friendly.

The main tower rests upon a series of smaller buildings that will house the common facilities. Photo: Martina Zamboni

The building layout

Seventy-five meters above ground, the 15th floor will house the faculty club and VIP meeting rooms. It will be partially open to the public.

The staircase in the new Panum building. Photo: Martina Zamboni

The research area, which occupies the middle section of the tower, will be connected vertically by a huge spiral staircase that will also be visible from the outside.

On the ground floor there will be a canteen, as well as a café open to everyone. The main tower rests upon a series of smaller buildings that will house the common facilities: auditoriums, classrooms, a canteen and a café.

If all goes according to plan, this is how the New Panum building should look. Photo: Martina Zamboni

See the gallery below of the new, not-yet-open, extension of Panum.

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