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New plant centre to sprout up on LIFE campus

Faculty invests DKK 200m in plant facility to research biofuels, food production, and medicine

The University of Copenhagen is within reach of becoming a world-leading plant science research centre. This is after the Faculty of Life Sciences’ recent decision to invest DKK 200m, into a new facility.

The new 7,000 square meter centre on Frederiksberg Campus – to be completed by 2015 – hopes to rank within the top three world centers for plant science research and education.

Katherina Killander, a press officer for the Faculty of Life Sciences, explained that the cutting-edge facility would boost the current reputation of research at the university.

»Already, we have researchers and groups that are among the worlds best in plant science and biotechnology,« she said. »We want to pool these research environments together.«

To scan thousands of plants

With the new center, a large variety of projects can be expanded, including research on biofuels, food production, and medicine.

»There will be a lot of focus on new methods to scan thousands of plants for certain qualities, which was not the case before,« Killander said. »Before you would have to scan one plant at a time to find certain qualities«