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New proposal: Stipends for elite international students

Government proposes free tuition and a monthly stipend for elite students from non-EU countries

The government has earmarked DKK 24 million in funds in an attempt to attract more talented international students, reports

Particular focus will be put on students in disciplines where Denmark is expecting a lack of qualified professionals, such as nanotechnology, health technology, and computer science, according to Minister of Education and Research Sofie Carsten Nielsen.

”The goal is that they stay here and get jobs in Denmark. So they will be involved in creating new jobs, new ideas, and new innovation in Danish companies, for the benefit of all Danes”, the minister said to

Actively recruiting elite students

60-70 of the most talented students from non-EU countries will be able to pursue a degree in Denmark with their tuition expenses covered for a full Master’s degree (amounting to about DKK 90,000-125,000 a year). In addition, they will receive a monthly stipend of approximately DKK 8,800, that is, more than Danish students receive as their SU-stipend.

In addition to offering a ‘full ride’ to elite students, the government also plans to actively recruit elite students through websites in countries like Brazil and China.

The government proposal comes as a response to declining numbers of students from non-European countries. The worry is that Denmark, not offering stipends based on merit, may lose out on the brightest minds in the international research and innovation race.

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