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New record: 2,355 to run DHL for UCPH

DHL is now considered the 'company party', says University of Copenhagen organiser

471 teams of 5: a total of 2,355 staff, scientists and students from the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) will be taking part in the DHL relay race in 2013.

This has already surpassed the 2011 record, says organiser Niels Wollesen from UCPH to the University Post. And there is still the option of signing up.

With 925 runners, the Faculty of Health and Medicine’s 185 teams are the biggest group among Copenhagen’s faculties, followed closely by Science who have 895 runners.

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Company party

Niels Wollesen has no single explanation why the DHL relay has become so popular for the University of Copenhagen this year.

“We don’t really know, and it surprises us as well. It is this year on a Friday, and the weather has been good over the last few weeks. But in general University of Copenhagen more and more people consider the DHL to be the ‘company party’,” he says.

The set-up this year will be exactly the same as last year, with the sole difference that there will be four large tents for the UCPH group, rather than three, he says.

Not too late

If you want to you can sign up directly on race organisers Sparta’s site. Niels Wollesen reminds late entrants to “Remember to join the Københavns Universitet group”.

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