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New service to help scientists keep track of funds

The University of Copenhagen has set up a new online tool that keeps track of project-related finances. 300 scientists and researchers are already using it

The new KUnet portal is designed to give scientists an overview of external funding, expenses, and individual wages. And all data can also be exported to Excel for budget planning etc.

“The portal allows scientists to keep track of their numbers in real time, whenever they have the time and need,” says Karen Kondrup, head of the project. “It’s just a service from us. It’s not obligatory to use it and it doesn’t involve a load of extra work. Try it and see what you think. It can make your daily work easier.”

It isn’t possible to pay bills or transfer funds via My Project Overview, but it’s an easy and speedy way to keep track of your research finances, she adds.

Keeping an eye on costs

My Project Overview has been a year in the making, with a group of scientists guiding its form, content and user interface. Kirsten Jørgensen, Section Head and Associate Professor at the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, has helped develop the portal, and is happy with the result. She is managing projects of approximately DKK 60 million and with 35 employees for a professor at her department.

“Now I can keep an eye on costs, how much is left, and whether the right people are attached to the project. This is important when it comes to pay, as we always have new hirings and re-hirings,” she says.

“Scientists at the University of Copenhagen have requested a tool to get an overview of their funding. Now we’ve developed a new portal in collaboration with our scientists, and I’m glad to see that we already have the first 300 scientists using it,” says Thomas Bjørnholm, Prorector for Research and Innovation.

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