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New site could help student accommodation mess

Finding a place to live in Copenhagen has been a struggle for many years - has partnered with the University of Copenhagen and is hoping to help make it easier for internationals coming to Denmark to find a home

Finding accommodation in Copenhagen is a nightmare for Danes and for internationals. Housing is a big problem and there are more and more fresh accommodation-related horror stories every year: students living in tents, cars and tauntauns – you name it. is fairly new to the University of Copenhagen and the hope is that it will make it easier for students, Danish and international, to move to the Danish capital city:

“It’s basically a free, easy-to-use housing platform by students for students. For the main part, it’s for short-term accommodation – students going on an exchange for a semester can put up accommodation for rent and in-coming students can rent them,” says Dominik Sawicki-Wrzask, the University of Copenhagen’s student ambassador for HousingAnywhere.

More accommodation

Long-term rentals are also possible, however, through private landlords that have been vetted and cleared by the University of Copenhagen’s Housing Foundation. Likewise, students can only post rooms if they have a certified university e-mail and can communicate directly with each other through the site and use the site’s system to sort out deposit and rent.

Dominik Sawicki-Wrzask has worked for HousingAnywhere and UCPH for little over a month and is positive that things are looking up: “When I started we had around 15 flats for the University of Copenhagen – that has grown to 50-60 since I started.”

A quick search on the site shows that rooms and flats are going from between DKK 3,000 and DKK 5,000 per month.

Success at CBS

The site already has partnerships with the Copenhagen Business School (CBS), the Danish School of Media and Journalism (KEA) and Technical University of Denmark (DTU). These have been going for a few years and the response so far has been positive:

“It has helped nearly 100 of our incoming exchange students to find housing in Copenhagen.” Tom Dahl-Østergaard, Director of the International Office at CBS, is quoted as saying in the HousingAnywhere brochure.

Check out their website for more information. Fingers crossed this can help you avoid a housing nightmare next semester!

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