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New social science building modernizes campus

Newly opened Building 35 a new-age twist to the university's 'charming' older campus

Students at the University of Copenhagen have come back surprised after the summer holidays to find a modern addition to the old and idyllic social science campus, known as CSS.

The interior of this new ‘Building 35’ features an underground chamber with a cafeteria, spacious auditorium, and five floors of classrooms, while the striking exterior features sharp lines, circular gardens, and a patterned façade.

”It’ll be a good space to linger in the colder months,” says Josh Brown, an economics student who suddenly found himself assigned a lecture in the new structure. ”It’s very cool to go down into an underground chamber and come up to your classes.”

A modern upgrade

“The design’s intention was to give a modern interpretation of the existing architectural environment”, says the building’s architect, Einar Bo Andersen. Andersen is referring to the old structure, originally built as a 19th century hospital, and known for its sandstone buildings covered in ivy.

Building 15 is more high-tech than its architectural neighbours, with doors that open automatically and TV screens displaying announcements. ”It was designed to address the space issues in the CSS campus,” says Andersen.

While the added study space is welcome, students have become quite attached to the old, idyllic and familiar surroundings of the old campus grounds. ”To be honest,” says Josh, ”My favourite part of the campus is still the beautiful garden out the front.”

Check out the photos

”I just rocked up to university and wondered what this building is,” says Josh, ”It wasn’t here before.”

This surprising addition inspired the University Post to get a closer look at this modern new addition to CSS

Check out the photos in our gallery, here, or see below.

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