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New student homes for 480 students

The University of Copenhagen and the city of Copenhagen are partnering up to build a new dormitory in central Copenhagen

Finding a place to stay in or around Copenhagen is like searching for water in the Sahara. It’s possible but your chances are slim.

However, 480 students can now start looking forward to a view and a central location just five minutes from Nørreport and an old, historical setting. The city of Copenhagen and UCPH plan to transform the old DSB (Danish state railways) administration building in Sølvgade, according to MetroXpress and Danish-language university news site

Discussions are now centred on DSB’s former headquarters in Sølvgade street overlooking the central park Kongens Have.

Things set in motion

The buildings will be rebuilt to 480 one-and-two room apartments of 25-30 square metres. The two parties calculate on them being ready by 2016.

The project has not met final approval, but city mayor Frank Jensen says the new housing will be a reality.

»An application for building has been sent in, and we look positively on it. There is financing, so it is almost certain that something will come out of it,« Frank Jensen says to the newspaper MetroXpress.

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