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New student housing in former church

A decommissioned church, Samuels Kirke in Nørrebro, has been sold to a private property company who plan to turn it into student housing

The property company VIBO has purchased the decommissioned Samuels Kirke on Thorsgade in Nørrebro and plan to renovate the building so it can house 53 students.

With a DKK 55 million budget, the company will turn the 445 sqm nave into 53 one-bedroom apartments.

“We expect that the apartments can welcome their first residents by fall 2016 and will cost approximately DKK 3,500 a month” says Kaare Vestermann, Managing Director at VIBO.

Housing for youth

The apartments are classified as ‘ungdomsboliger’ (youth housing) and all who fulfil the criteria for youth housing can apply.

This includes students, trainees, interns or anyone with more than 20 hours of education per week.

The company paid DKK 9,5 million to take the church off the hands of Kirkefondet. Samuels Kirke is the first church in Denmark ever to be turned into private housing.

More churches may be turned into apartments

Samuels Kirke was built in 1925. It was given to the Danish church by Kirkefondet on the premise that if it was closed down, its ownership would return to Kirkefondet.

Last year, Danish Minister for Culture Marianne Jelved (Social Liberal Party) decided to close down six churches, following the advice of a church council.

Two more churches have been put up for sale, and negotiations are already underway: Absalonskirken in Vesterbro and Blågårds Kirke in Nørrebro. What the potential buyers are planning to do with the churches is still unknown.

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