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New students missed out on intro meeting

Confusion about e-mail log-ins left some newly-arrived internationals in the dark on their ‘first day at school’

Lower than usual attendance at the International Office’s orientation Wednesday may have been due to computer log-in difficulties.

But students who missed out, are invited to turn up to another orientation meeting 2 February, the International Office says to the University Post.

At the start of each semester, new exchange students are welcomed to the University of Copenhagen at a large-scale orientation, where students are informed about university procedures, courses in English, social networks for internationals as well as many other tips on student life in Copenhagen.

Problems with e-mail

Usually the meetings are well-attended with hundreds of newly-arrived students eager to get their stay off to a good start.

But on Wednesday 5 January there were less than a hundred, according to the University Post estimate. Patricia Leite Shuttleworth, admissions co-ordinator at the International Office, who helped organise and hold the meeting, is a bit more optimistic. She reckons on their being 115:

»This is judging by the number of cards given out. And this is actually a good number compared to what we had originally estimated«, she says, before adding that »there have been some problems with logging on to, and gaining access to University of Copenhagen e-mail«.

No cause for alarm

This may have meant not all students saw the invitation. However, Patricia Leite Shuttleworth believes that only a small number of students have been affected.

»There aren’t that many January arrivals. The number of students who missed out on the meeting yesterday could not have surpassed 10-15,« she says to the University Post.

But several students queried the University Post reporter who was at the entrance, whether the orientation was for all internationals, as their international friends had not been invited.

Either way, students who missed out need not worry. The International Office will hold another orientation meeting 2 February, and all international students are welcome to attend, the Office says.

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