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New students welcomed at Matriculation Ceremony 2023

Matriculation — This is what it looked like when this year's new cohort of students turned up at their own University of Copenhagen for the first time.

The University of Copenhagen is a very traditional place.

This was brought home to new students when they were welcomed at the University of Copenhagen with the singing of a polyphonic male choir.

They were also presented to the top managers of the university who were dressed in their traditional long robes for the occasion, and had the, also traditional, opportunity to greet the rector with a handshake. This year, the University of Copenhagen’s matriculation ritual took place on Friday 25 August.

The students had to cram together multiple times to make enough space for everyone.
image: Camilla Skovgaard Thomsen
Tutors prepared to welcome the new students..
image: Camilla Skovgaard Thomsen
All new students were invited to the matriculation festivities.
image: Camilla Skovgaard Thomsen

For many of the new students, the matriculation ceremony is the very first time they see their new university. They turned up in large numbers and had to be herded further into the already crowded Frue Plads multiple times to make room for everyone.

The huge crowd looked partly expectant, partly nervous as they were welcomed by Prorector for Education Kristian Cedervall Lauta.

The University Post was there to take stock of this year’s matriculation celebration.

Ruqaya Al-Kabani, 19 years old, student of Medicine

»It feels pretty cool, because I’ve been used to talking to the same people for three years in a row at secondary school. It’s like opening a window for some fresh air.«

It’s like opening a window for some fresh air

»It is very noisy here on the square today, and I don’t usually like that. But it’s fine, because I have to learn to socialize with new people I don’t even know. It’s gone well so far, and I’ve already gotten to know quite a few people.«

Cassandra Skov, 24 years old, student of English

»I actually feel great, but it is hot around here! I like that everyone gets together here and listens to speeches so we can all get into the spirit of things.«

»My expectations for today are that I get more information and a good welcome to the study programme.«

Maximillian Moser, age 23, student of Quantum Information Science

»I’m really looking forward to the programme – and to studying in general. All the subjects look really interesting.«

»I arrived ten minutes ago and have already met a lot of people, so I have already fulfilled my expectations for today. I hadn’t expected to do this in such a short time. So I like this day so far.«

Students gathered on the steps of Frue Plads. 
image: Camilla Skovgaard Thomsen
The tutors were ready with banners after the welcoming on Frue Plads.
image: Camilla Skovgaard Thomsen