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New university flu guide points to own experts

Influenza page gives guidelines based on advice from University's own flu researchers

Flu fears have forced the university to set up a webpage with information and guidelines. This is the latest development amid increasing fears about the Influenza A virus.

The virus is starting to have a visible presence throughout the University of Copenhagen, from posters giving good advice to hand disinfectant stations in the hallways.

However, behind the scenes at the Faculty of Health Sciences, the University of Copenhagen’s home grown influenza experts are ready to provide the university with the latest knowledge about the spread of the bacteria.

See the university’s new influenza page here (in Danish).

Influenza advisors

The university has two influenza advisors, professor Allan Randrup Thomsen and professor Jens Lundgren:

Allan Randrup Thomsen is professor of Experimental Virology at the Department of International Health, Immunology and Microbiology.

Jens Lundgren is professor of Infectious and Viral Diseases at the Department of International Health, Immunology and Microbiology who usually specialises in HIV, AIDS and International Health. Lundgren is often cited as an influenza expert in the Danish press.

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