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New website for international students

Studenterhuset's 'StudyCPH' will provide insight about studying, housing, and social life in Copenhagen

For international students, arrival to Copenhagen has more hours spent wading through bureaucracy and standing in line at the International House than seeing the city and meeting new people. A new project by Studenterhuset called StudyCPH is trying to change that.

The goal is to collect information and display it in a simple and accessible way. Written by international students, StudyCPH will provide a space to pass their wisdom on to future international students through interactive blogging.

“The capacity and knowledge of international students could make the city and the university better than it is at the moment,” explains Studenterhuset’s general manager Jacob Ørum.

No sugar coating

StudyCPH is an NGO and is not interested in the marketing and promotion of Copenhagen. Instead of hiring consultants to gather information for the project, international students themselves will be in charge of sharing advice, personal anecdotes and answering questions.

The blog section in particular will allow students to share experiences both good and bad. Patrick Jim Hedensted, leader of the editorial team explains that he is concerned with grammar errors, but not the censoring blog posts.

Students are encouraged to share frustrations and expose potential problems needing attention. ”The forum will be gritty and true, non polished,” says Patrick.

Not just passive knowledge

Studenterhuset stresses that co-creation is the key to the success of the project.

”There is a whole social dimension to StudyCPH. It’s not just passive knowledge but is a cooperation with internationals,” says Jacob Ørum.

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