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New wiki to replace textbooks

Postdoc Linda Udby is creating an interactive alternative to regular textbooks and compendiums

Linda Udby, a postdoc in NanoPhysics at University of Copenhagen’s Niels Bohr Institute, is currently working on a project entitled »The Interactive Textbook«.

She calls the new program a »wiki«, and the format is made to look and function like the popular internet encyclopedia.

So far, the wiki contains mainly digitalised notes and exercises with optional hints, but the idea is that the program will, in time, enable the students to run interactive simulations without installing any software.

The interactive textbook may sidetrack printed compendia, which are expensive, and use alot of paper making them bad for the environment.

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De-privatising education

Students have been positive about the wiki, which besides making cross-referencing easier, is constantly updated and available 24/7.

Linda Udby is not the only researcher attached to the program. Jesper Bruun, a PhD student of the Didactics of the Natural Sciences is researching the teaching qualities of it.

Linda Udby admits that there are political aspects to the project. She wants education to be free for all.

»The Interactive Textbook is an attempt to de-privatise education«, she says.

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