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Newspapers’ reaction to a ‘day of farce’

DANISH NEWS - Media react to the Socialist People's Party pulling out of the government coalition

A day of farce and a major own goal unparalleled in Danish politics – the media’s reaction as the Socialist People’s Party unravelled in front of watching TV cameras, Thursday, as reported by and

”The SPP has been reduced to a political joke and it will be a long time before we can take the party seriously again. The amateurs have left the circus but it could be advantageous for the government to shed a heavy burden that definitely won’t be missed by many.”

”Rarely has Danish politics witnessed as much amateurism as we’ve seen from the SPP. Ultimately it was the right decision for them to quit the government because they were never mature enough to handle the job. In the short term the SPP’s farewell to political responsibility could be beneficial for the Prime Minister and the new two-party coalition because there won’t be as much internal division.”

Ekstra Bladet:
”The SPP had been forced to back down on so many of its key issues since the 2011 election that in the end that ultimately there was no alternative but to pull out. They were heading for disaster with the strong possibility of being voted out of parliament at the next election. By quitting they now have a genuine chance of surviving as a political party.”

Jyllands Posten:
”We’re heading for a turbulent Spring. The government may have pushed through a number of reforms alongside the opposition that have put Denmark back on track, but they’ve dug a deep ditch between themselves and the electorate by a strange combination of amateurism and arrogance. In the long run, the SPP’s collapse could have serious repercussions for the government.”

See article in Danish here..

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