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Next step for eating entrepreneur

University of Copenhagen innovator Tiffany Ng is at it again. New underground dinner concept

American ‘dining diva’ and University of Copenhagen student Tiffany Ng continues to stun the Danish restaurant establishment.

Under Tiffany’s direction, Silver.Spoon has plugged the gap for creative mid-range dining options in Copenhagen that appeal to both Danes and the international community.

Her Silver.Spoon ‘guerilla dining’ has already attracted attention, a business model that she helped pioneer in Copenhagen while she was finishing off her Master’s.

Inspired by chef

Guerilla dining is a concept of temporary, pop-up restaurants that has taken international cities like New York and San Francisco, where Tiffany is from, by storm. Tiffany herself jumped on the bandwagon after attending an event of the infamous ‘Jet Set Chef’, Alexander D. Marsh.

»I thought, this concept is exactly what Copenhagen needs,« Tiffany says and immediately approached Marsh to invite him for her first event.

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Tiffany admits to having no prior experience in the dining industry but has committed herself to learning on the job from top chefs like Marsh. So far her events ranging from a relaxed wine & food pairings evening, to a posh Fashion Week celebration have been a hit with her customers and the press.


So what is it that is next on the menu for Tiffany? Street Dining, a budget-friendly yet authentic street food project aimed at students. The idea, like all of her guerrilla dining events, is to provide a different way of eating out without sacrificing quality or cash.

Tiffany, says she derives success from all of her projects like Street Dining from adhering to two simple details – focus on on your customers and creatively hone your concept.

»It was really hard at times developing my concepts, especially as a foreigner,« says Tiffany,» but I persevered because I stuck to what I believed in.«

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